Fermented Hot Sauces

We base our bright, dynamic sauces on a variety of ethically-grown (usually certified organic, or home-grown with no chemical inputs) hot and sweet peppers, packed into salt brine to ferment before we blend them with additional ingredients.  Lacto-fermentation brings out an astonishing complexity from the peppers, and makes for a heat that, even when it comes on strong, softens to let the palate savor the flavors to follow–always with a rich tang vinegar alone can’t provide.

We then add additional ingredients, very often wild-foraged: herbs and flowers, seasonal berries, even the occasional mushroom.  Other produce, sourced from great regional growers, also goes into the fermentation crock to preserve and transform the flavors of each season, giving each small batch it’s own highly unique character.

This year we’ll start canning our sauces, rather than leaving them live.  This will make them more shelf-stable, and they’ll still have all the added nutritive bioavailability those little microbes provide in their magical process of conversion.

For now, each batch is made in our home kitchen and sold under Wisconsin’s Pickle Bill, delivered directly from us to you, or available for pick-up.  We offer hot sauce by the individual 5 oz. bottle, or as a reduced-price CSA.

Amazing on tacos, nachos, eggs, pasta, in soups, stews and dips, or–well, you can use hot sauce pretty much anywhere, right?–What Got Gathered hot sauces make a great addition to your cuisine, and fantastic, visually beautiful gifts for friends and family.

Our sauces are currently available only in the greater Madison area, and are delivered in person.  Email us at, or via the contact form linked on the “home” page, and we’ll arrange a gathering to get you your sauce!





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