Fermented Hot Sauces


Our small-batch sauces start with chemical-free hot and sweet peppers, packed into salt brine and left to develop complexity and a heat that, even when it comes on strong, softens to let the dynamic flavors linger on the palate. 

Additional seasonings range from the familiar to the unusual, including wild-foraged herbs and flowers, seasonal berries, and even the occasional mushroom.  Each batch has its own unique character, harnessing and amplifying the local flavors of the seasons. 

Each sauce is made in our home kitchen and sold under Wisconsin’s Pickle Bill, delivered directly from us to you, or available for pick-up. 

Amazing on tacos, nachos, eggs, pasta, in soups, stews and dips, or–well, you can use hot sauce pretty much anywhere, right?–What Got Gathered hot sauces make a great addition to your cuisine, and fantastic, visually beautiful gifts for friends and family.

Our sauces are currently available only in the greater Madison area.  5-ounce bottles are $15.

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