What’s WHAT?


WHAT GOT GATHERED makes live, wild sauce. 

Each of our small-batch hot sauces is unique–a bright, complex layering of flavors drawn from the forests, fields, farms and gardens of southern Wisconsin.  

Foraging and fermentation can deepen our connection with wildness, visible and invisible, outside us and within.  Our live-culture hot sauce combines local, seasonal, chemical-free produce with wild-gathered plants, fungi, bacteria and yeasts.  Through delicious, healthy food, we want to share the flavor of wildness with you. 

We gather, eat, work, play, sing, sleep, read, write, wander and wonder in and around Madison, Wisconsin.  Looking for food outdoors expands into a multifaceted, limitless journey into greater intimacy with the land and the living communities deep in the woods and right outside our door.  Traditional and innovative ways of cooking and preserving inform our sense of food as primary human medicine, where pleasure and nourishment enhance our lives in body and spirit.

As we grow (at whatever pace feels good), we hope to offer a variety of wild greens, nuts and fruits, plant and fungal medicines, and fermented foods featuring foraged ingredients.  Whatever we produce, we’ll remain committed to practices that support human health and flourishing ecological diversity.  We aim to gather ingredients only from clean ground.  Aware that wild food has become trendy in the world of fine dining, we minimize the use of plants threatened by profit-motivated, irresponsible harvest–or we don’t use them at all.  Also aware that most large-scale agriculture tends to damage the health of our planet, we source cultivated ingredients from growers–many of them friends–who pour humbling intensities of thought and energy into care for the soil, air, water and wildlife of the land they tend.

There’s already a gathering taking place around the wildness, in all its aspects, that makes our planet Home.  Without overstating the significance of what we do (it’s just hot sauce, after all, even if it’s really good hot sauce), we hope that our little enterprise has something to offer.