Wild Foods and Living Cultures

We make delicious, nourishing wild-gathered and wild-fermented foods, available at farmers’ markets and for home delivery in the greater Madison area!  Hot sauces, kimchi and other vegetable ferments, wildflower & fruit jellies, jams and vinegars, elderberry syrup and more–we’re excited to share what we’ve made with you. Please be in touch if you’d like to find out what’s available now!

We also offer guided Wild Food Wanders throughout the season. Check the calendar for upcoming dates (private walks are also a possibility). Come learn about the amazing food growing all around us!


April and May are glorious times for wild food, and maybe the best times to learn. Join us for one or more of our first walks of the season–one of which will conclude with a special wild food tasting menu! Visit our Wild Food Wanders page for more information.

Community Syruping Project

It’s sap collecting season!

What if our neighborhoods could produce all the sugar we wanted for the year, just by tapping the huge number of maples (and walnuts and birches) in our yards? What if we convinced the city to allow community tapping of healthy trees in public parks and on neighborhood streetsides? Especially in conjunction with the increase in home beekeeping, it’s conceivable that we could drastically reduce our dependence on the global trade arrangements set up to satisfy our national sweet tooth, while gaining access to healthier forms of sugar made sweeter by the work and connection with nature involved in producing it.

This spring we’ve just been going around our own tiny neighborhood, tapping the trees of willing and enthusiastic neighbors. We’ll host a syrup boil at the end of the season and divide the results among the participants. We’ve got dreams of making this a bigger project in the future; for now, we just want to encourage you to tap your own trees. Even one can provide a lot of satisfaction, learning, and a sense of the generosity of the early spring–and, even if you don’t cook it down into syrup, tree sap is a marvelous, mineral-rich thing to drink.

We wish you a joyful spring, with gratitude to the trees, for all they are and do.

write to us at whatgotgathered@gmail.com

photos on this page by Leo Ruggiero