Wild Foods and Living Cultures (human and microbial)


We’re excited to spring (and summer, and fall) back into action (okay, “summer” doesn’t work as a verb in that sentence) this year!

Our first event: in collaboration with Wild Harvest Nature Connection, we’re offering the two-day Wild Food, Wild Fire workshop.  On April 24th and 25th, we’ll gather to learn fire-by-friction techniques and “primitive” cooking methods.  We’ll explore the landscape and forage for wild edibles, cook and share meals together, and learn about different ways to use and preserve wild foods.  Fun!  Yum!

We’re also planning to be back at the Monroe Street Farmer’s Market for the major portion of the season.  Look for more hot sauces, ferments, jams and jellies, tinctures and syrups.  We’re also planning to start operating out of a commercial kitchen, which will allow us to offer products online, and to introduce new inventions and discoveries: chili powders and spice mixes, tea blends, wild salad kits, sauces and syrups, and who knows what else!

Again, we’ll be conducting a series of Wild Food Wanders, taking participants through the seasons to connect with nature through plants and fungi.  We also hope to do some unscheduled pop-up walks, for those times when we haven’t scheduled anything, and the weather tells us how little we can predict about the times of greatest abundance.

Finally (sort of), we hope to finesse this website, and to offer more on the blog in terms of plant descriptions, cooking ideas, and musings on the meaning and value of foraging for us today.

We look forward to seeing you this year, and to sharing it all!



write to us at whatgotgathered@gmail.com