Wild Foods and Living Cultures (human and microbial)


What Got Gathered’s Winter Dinner!

On Sunday, December 22nd, What Got Gathered presents its 2019 meal–a celebration of the year’s abundance, featuring wild foods we’ve foraged and preserved, our ferments and hot sauces, and locally- and sustainably-produced ingredients. 

We’re happy to get to serve this meal at Middleton’s Common Ground, a wonderful community space and restaurant/cafe. 

$50/ticket gets you five courses, including (almost definitely):

Wild Mushroom Bisque with Ramp Butter Toast

Fried Pork Tenderloin with Wild Crabapple Sauce, Toasted Hickory Nuts and Wild Greens

Tacos and Chips with What Got Gathered Sauces & Ferments

Cheesecake with Black Walnut Maple Sauce and Berries

We’ll also have sauces, jams, ferments and more for sale–a great opportunity to get some last-minute holiday gifts!

Doors open at 6 p.m.  The meal will begin around 6:30.  

If you have kids to bring who will want to eat, we’re offering $20/kid tickets for smaller portions.   

Common Ground is located at 2644 Branch St., Middleton WI (at the corner of Branch and Century). 

Sales are now closed. We’re full! Hooray!



write to us at whatgotgathered@gmail.com