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Here’s some stuff we’ve made in the recent past. We may or may not have it in our current stock–and there may be stuff we have that’s not listed! Please be in touch with inquiries about purchasing products during the winter season; we’ll try to get a rough list of what’s available up here, once we catch up (ha!).

Live-Culture Vegetable Ferments


Our highly popular kimchi is bright and deep, tingly and nourishing. The recipe varies with the season, but always includes organic napa cabbage, carrots, daikon radish, burdock root, turmeric, green onions, garlic, ginger and Korean chili paste, as well as a little thickener (typically brown rice flour and water) to provide a traditional texture. Great straight out of the jar, in fried rice, or as the base of kimchi soup–a great food remedy for winter colds! Pint jar, $15.00


A spicy Latin-American style ferment of cabbage, carrots, onions, tomatillos, cilantro, cumin and chili powder. Wonderful on tacos and nachos, with eggs, in a braise for a pork shoulder, or anywhere you want some tangy goodness. Pint jar, $15.00.

Classic Sauerkraut

Just simple organic green cabbage and good salt. Fairly crunchy, not too salty, just funky enough. Pint jar, $10.00.


Wildflower and Habanero Jelly

A delicious spicy jelly made with fermented habanero peppers and an infusion of scarlet bee balm and elderflowers. Especially good on a breakfast sandwich! Half-pint jar. Sold out

Wild Superfruit Berry Jam

A thick, dark, jammy preserve full of flavor and antioxidants. Aronia, black currant, elderberry and serviceberry. Half-pint jar. $8.00.

Wild Vinegars

Our vinegars preserve the essences of the seasons in collaboration with the wild microorganisms all around us. Pure maple sap transformed into North America’s original indigenous vinegar. Wildflowers steeped in sugar water and turned into wine before continuing to develop sourness and subtlety. Wild grape skins fermented to make magic out of their tart potency. These vinegars bring a beautiful variety of colors and flavors to your table, and are good for any uses; some are tasty and mild enough to drink from the bottle! 5-oz. bottles are $5.00.

Wild Carrot Vinegar

Scarlet Bee Balm Vinegar (sold out)

Elderflower Vinegar

Goldenrod Flower Vinegar (sold out)

Other Products

Elderberry Syrup

Used widely to combat flu viruses and boost general immunity. Wild-gathered fresh elderberry juice, live apple cider vinegar and raw local honey. 5-oz. bottle., $15.00.

Fermented Ramp Olive Oil (sold out)

One of our favorite products. Lactic acid fermentation brings out a lemony tone from garlicky wild leek (ramp) greens. Blended with high-quality extra-virgin olive oil, the result is an absolutely delicious condiment for baking bread, flavoring pasta, enlivening sauces, finishing soups or just about anything imaginable (we nearly fainted when we added some to a wild mushroom Hollandaise for eggs benedict). 5-oz. bottle, $15.00

Spruce Tip Infused Olive Oil (sold out)

Spring-harvested spruce tips are citrusy and bright, with just a hint of the pineyness you might expect from a conifer. Our spruce tip-infused olive oil is great for dipping crusty bread, on fish, or for many other uses. 5-oz. bottle, $15.00.

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