New Season!

Spring has arrived (and departed and arrived), in all its muddy ambiguity.

We at What Got Gathered feel pretty charged and pretty serene about the foraging season that’s already underway, with maple sap flowing and the earliest wild greens poking through the last traces of snow.  With no usable property of our own, we’ve been invited out to tap sugar maples, and have nibbled on (and pulled) some wonderfully spicy garlic mustard and a handful of leaves of wintercress, both delicious, without the intense bitterness they’ll project a month or two from now.

Between now and November, we’re looking forward to formulating another six fermented hot sauces, most or all featuring foraged fare.  You can get them from us one at a time, or through our CSA.  We’re pretty sure you’ll enjoy tasting your way through our ongoing experiments and the all-too-slow learning process behind them.

We’ll also be conducting monthly wild food wanders beginning in June, in which we’ll share knowledge, develop intuition, and nourish our bodies and taste buds.

This year, look for medicinal tinctures, dried chili powders, vegetable ferments, a better website, and more, or less!

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